Manufacturing Process


Preparing the Sketches.

Basic of the design is preparing a sketch. Our team of veteran sketch artist makes excellent raw designs. They are also very useful to create custom works.

CAD Images

Our designers well experienced and trained for the jewelry industry. They are able to create face work and 3D design their selves.


Wax Mould

After completing CAD image of the design, WAX piece making has started. Hot liquid wax suppressed into the sample piece with high pressure. Jewelry made with WAX is more polished and sustainable than handmade.


After completing waxing and casting it’s turn for the filing where all the metal blemishes and reshaping process has been done. Our worker are well trained and experienced for the same.


Diamond and Stone Setting

Next process after filing is diamond and stone setting. We use full cut i.e. round brilliant cut diamond in precious designs so that manual hand setting of the diamond is must for the perfect finishing.

Final Polish & Rhodium

In addition to completing the final process final polish comes in the action. After finalizing polish the goods going for the rhodium process.

box 854x480-min

Fast & Secure Delivery

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